Warroad High School & Middle School Re-Roof

Warroad, Minnesota

Size (area)High School 105,620 sq ft
 Middle School 104,616 sq ft
 Total 210,236 sq ft
ArchitectMJ Architectural Studios
MechanicalLee Plumbing & Heating
ElectricalE&L Electric
ContractorHerzog Roofing

Project Details

MJ Architectural Studios provided design and detailed construction administration services for the Warroad School District in re-roofing their high school and middle school buildings.  Work included removal and replacement of over 210,000 sq. ft. of existing ballasted EPDM with a new adhered 60-mil EPDM roofing over mechanically fastened insulation boards.  The new work also provided additional insulation over the existing to maximize energy performance and efficiency.